FRH - Kokernag (Anantnag)
FRH - Kokernag (Anantnag)

From ₹ 2,000 / night
Bathroom Fan Free parking

Located in kokernag area of District Kokernag surrounded with mature conifer forest Co.63/V with main species Pinus wallichiana( kail) with rich ground flora comprising of numerous herbs, Shrubs and Medicinal varieties . Besides the naturally grown flora of the Forest compartment, the adjacent Botanical garden enhances the beauty of place by having mighty Chinar trees with flower beds of different species.1920 m above MSL near Spring Kokernag Botanical Garden. The hut is located in forest compartment 63/V of forest range Kokernag with mature blue pine crop in the background with a good lawn from which Botancail Garden Kokernag is clearly visible which gives a soothing effect to the eyes, mind and soul. The area has a source of best quality drinking water which is suppled to so many areas to meet their drinking water demand . The Asias Largest Trout Fish Farm is located at a distance of only about 400 Meters from the Hut .The architect is locally made around three decades back and mainly constrcuted of timber with small quantity of storens and bricks.

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