FRH - Latti -Dhoona (Udhampur)
FRH - Latti -Dhoona (Udhampur)

From ₹ 2,000 / night
Bathroom Fan Free parking

The Rest House Hut is located near the Police station Latti in village Dhoona, city Latti of Distict Udhampur of J&K. It is located at an altitude of 1922.07 Meters  Above the mean sea level. The area is surrounded by the Deadar forests.The area has a Natural beauty of deodar vegetation and cool weather condition in summer season and in winter season the area is covered with snow. It was established during the year 2012.

Geo-reference of the site: E= 750 25’ 58.01” N= 320 54’45.71”

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